A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Update 3: New music!

Update 2: Minor aesthetic changes, custom splash screen and icon

Update: Changed some minor things, made it more difficult, and added a much needed 'Quit' button

Bullet Heck is a simple, yet difficult bullet hell game. The rules are simple; Dodge the red projectiles with your cursor, and see how long you can last!

(Press 'Escape' in game for settings)

Bullet Heck was based off of a previous game, Mouse Bullets. You might wonder what warranted me to remake the game from scratch. Well...

  • Unity!
  • More bullet types!
  • Fullscreen mode!
  • Settings and configurable presets!

While it's not a carbon copy, Bullet Heck inherits many of the properties of it's predecessor.

More information

Published55 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsBullet Hell, Mouse only

Install instructions

Simply extract the executable on Windows. Mac, by default, should download the app. Run either after downloading


Bullet Heck (Win) (12 MB)
Bullet Heck (Mac) (15 MB)
Mouse Bullets (Legacy Version) (10 MB)

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