• Added Singleplayer vs. AI mode (Currently it relies mostly on randomness, but it does it's job)
  • Added board size selector
  • Added main menu
  • Changed a lot of under the hood stuff to make the game easier to update and change in the future
  • It still follows all the guidelines of the Simple Jam
  • I haven't tested the update extensively, and if you run into any bugs please do tell me at Sciman1011@Gmail.com

Tiler is a turn-based tile game made for Simple Jam. The jam required the use of 5 or less assets, and 5 or less rules. The 4 assets are packed in a single sprite sheet, while the rules are listed below.

  1. Click on any tile adjacent to a tile you own to claim it
  2. Claiming a tile owned by your opponent causes all tiles in the surrounding 3x3 area to be flipped or claimed to your color
  3. Claiming a tile owned by your opponent locks it, meaning it cannot be claimed the next turn
  4. When all tiles are claimed, the winner is whoever has more tiles.
  5. Have fun :D

Currently this game works on mobile. (Pretty well, too!)

The game may currently have bugs, and if you find any which can be recreated, or just have some suggestions, feel free to comment or email me at Sciman1011@Gmail.com to tell me.

Made withPhaser, Paint.net
TagsAbstract, Board Game, tiles, Turn-based Strategy
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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It seems like it's basically impossible here.


Couldn't orange just take the green tiles in the corner, albeit slowly?
Also thanks for checking out my game!

Oh yeah... Didn't see that!

Nice game. Was wondering what you use to record gifs. Cheers, Jack.

Thanks! For the gifs I used https://screentogif.codeplex.com/

Thanks man. I've been looking for a good gif recording software. I wish you luck with your game.

Thank you!