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so I got this one my third turn, it turned the surrounding green tiles blue for me even though they weren't red? 

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I know there hasn't been a lot of testing 

Is there an image? I don’t see anything

oh, the image didnt post !?

oh it wont let me post the image ok, well yeah I was playing a 4x4 game, we both started in the bottom left and top right, i went [up one, right one] 

the bot took the one that was {up one, right one] from the spot I took

and then I tried to take the bots spot and it flipped all nine squares to my color 

(im sorry I cant post the picture)

No worries, weird - the way the game works, if you take an enemies tile, you get that tile, and all adjacent tiles flip so if they were the enemies color they become yours and vice versa, while all adjacent empty tiles are claimed by you. The way you’re describing it, is this what happened?

yes, exactly 

i was assuming i would just get the one I clicking but yes i got all 9 tiles even the unclaimed ones

It seems like it's basically impossible here.

Couldn't orange just take the green tiles in the corner, albeit slowly?
Also thanks for checking out my game!

Oh yeah... Didn't see that!

Nice game. Was wondering what you use to record gifs. Cheers, Jack.

Thanks! For the gifs I used

Thanks man. I've been looking for a good gif recording software. I wish you luck with your game.

Thank you!