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  A GREAT game with a COOL mechanic. I loved it, finished it in 40 minutes.

  The only thing annoying (other than not being good enough to finish everything in one try), was that sometimes the flowers would respawn and when I picked them up, it only counted after I finished the level.

Thank you! Yeah, the way flowers work is they only stick if you touch the ground after picking them up, same as Celeste with it’s strawberries. Glad you enjoyed it, though!


This is amazing! <3 

Thank you! :D


Wow, this is really polished!  The swinging mechanics are great and the physics work how you'd expect.  Great secrets too.


Sometimes hard, sometimes easy, but it has great graphics and great sounds that really makes you feel the world! Well done!


Looks cool. Sound cool. But Im too nooby to play this puzzle